Edo-kiriko (江戸切子)

Hi minna!

Today, I introduce a traditional japancraft "Edo-kiriko" (江戸切子) .
Just Japancrafts...oh my brog...


"Kiriko" is Japanese glass craft with cutting pattern.
Only the technology of the craftsman who can mince various cutting makes the world of bold and delicate a "kiriko".
There is Edo-kiriko from the Edo period in them.

江戸切子のSake glass↓

About Edo-kiriko.
Kagaya Kyubei(加賀屋 久兵衛) was a Clan of Glass-makers and
Dealers in the 19th Century(Edo period).
It is said that the glassware made by Kagaya Kyubei in the end of the Edo period is the beginning.
It is the feature to mainly use the form in the life,
such as a fish, a star, and a basket, as a cutting pattern.
The design reflecting EDO culture has been inherited by today's craftsman.
The cutting pattern and the design is called the Edo-kiriko.

I also have a Kiriko glass. Not Edo-kiriko... (´ ▽`).。o
but very beautiful and pleasant thing.

My favorite!

Masa ni Takumi no waza desu! (takumi no waza ; Technology of Meister)

Omiyage ni dou desuka?
Kitto minna yorokobimasu yo! (v^ー°) ヤッタネ !

more information↓
kagami-crystal(Imperial-Household purveyor's company.)




Hi people.

It is still cold in japan. How about your country?
The spring is coming almost there.
Mean time, you should buy cloth for spring.
Don't you need?

Do you know UNIQLO?
Yes the one I put the clock on this site, I got from UNIQLO.
UNIQLO is the one of the most popular cloth company because it is cheap
and they don't show their brand logo on the cloth where you can see.
So people never know whether you wear UNIQLO or not.

Now they just release new jeans.
Yes I know I know you are so fashionable and picky.
You always say “ why they don't make the color that I want !?”
ok,ladies!! guess how may colors UNIQLO makes?
37 colors!!!! WOW !!
now are you satisfied with it!?
I am sure you will find the color you want !

picture from http://sankei.jp.msn.com/economy/business/090224/biz0902241805011-n1.htm




ショ袋 【ショブクロ】  (shobukuro)




theme : コレッてイイかも~!?
genre : ライフ


Academy award

Yes yes yes, Japanese movie, "OKURIBITO"and “TUMIKI NO IE”
got Academy award!!
Good for Japanese.
But I will not talk about this any more.
Because you can find the millions article about this.

ok ok little talk about the movie :(
The name of title is “OKURIBITO”, in English “Departure".
And the other movie is animation, “TUMIKI NO IE”, in English I don't know.
It is drwaed by color pencil. and quite nice pictures.
Japanese movie haven’t gotten since "Spirited Away".

there days even in japan, we dont have good news at all.
so little happiness for japanese.
and share with you, my friends. :)


little note, acting as agent

Hi people

Since I have introduced Japanese cultures, music, CM, food,
customs and so on, some of people asked me
whether I can get your request things or not, like Gakct’s CD, magazines.
Yes I can do that for you.
As long as you know what you want
and you can pay for actual expense, I can look for you.
First tell me what you want.
Maybe you don't know exactly which one you are looking for
then I will try which one is what you are looking for.
Of cause you can just ask me.
just let me know, I do my best.

I hope you can get what you want
and enjoy with it :D



Hi, minna !

きてますねー「相対性理論」(Artist name : SOUTAISEIRIRON)が。
まさに "very addictive"
Album「シフォン主義 chiffon/capitalism」と
「ハイファイ新書 Hi-Fi Anatomia」が凄い事になってるし。





theme : YouTube動画
genre : テレビ・ラジオ

tag : 相対性理論 みらいレコーズ KARAOKE



コカ・コーラの「COCA・COLA ZERO」の新しいキャンペーンが始まりましたね。






健康 + WILDって概念はちょっと新鮮。

爽健美茶みたいなのばっかりが “HEALTH” じゃないんだね!
いいんだね、コーラ飲んでも! ワーイ!





コカコーラゼロ×安室奈美恵 WILD HEALTH

theme : CM
genre : テレビ・ラジオ

tag : コカコーラゼロ 安室奈美恵


Brave Man!!! Japanese finance minister, Nakagawa Shyouichi !!!!

Hi people

What a shame!!!! WHAT A SHAME!!!
Guess who is this guy !?
He is Japanese finance minister, Nakagawa Shyouichi !!!
And where did he drink?
At during G-7 meeting!!!!!

Ok some of people already saw this.
And even I, who doesn’t have strong opinion about politic, cant believe this!!

His drink is more important than talking bout this economy crisis!!
This crisis is so called once a hundred yeas, maybe he drunk 120 yeas old COGNAC...
Mmmm, maybe he is smart....i dont think so!!

If now were 200 years ago, defiantly he had to do SEPPUKU (cut stomach)!!
Lucky him!!!

by the way, when you say drunk people in japanese, you say "Yopparai"
so he is "Yopparai" finance minister, Nakagawa Shyouichi .


Heteroptics ! (錯視)

Please look at this color picture...


Monochrome photograph?

No! It'a color picture !!

Please look at the site.↓

Big Spanish Castle

It surely surprises you !!!
enjoy ! (゚∇^*)

theme : 日記
genre : 日記


Enka makes you KARAOKE happy!

Hi,minna !
Do you enjoy KARAOKE ?
I will recommend “ ENKA (演歌) ” if you are coming to Japan and going to karaoke...
And if you want to win ! (*^ー゚)b
Enka is one of the categories of the Japanese songs. it's Japanese soul songs.
I sing J-pop, Rock, Lap, and others... but Enka.
Nobody chooses it so much. because the chance to usually listening is few.
However, rooms rises very much when someone sings the Enka!!!
I want to sing Enka someday!

Today,I introduce one Enka artist.
The artist name is AKIMOTO JYUNKO(秋元 順子).
She become popular at once by the wonderful Enka song though she debuted in 58 years old.
So debuted in 2005... ガ━━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━━ン!!
Oh, She is the same generation as my mom !!
majika yo ! sugeeeeee !

I uprord the lyrics, pronunciation, and the translation today.
Please practice while seeing the movie and lyrics.


In general, Japanese is shy. Yes, I know.
But, I think that it is a fragmentary opinion.
The Japanese has exploded the soul, cosmos, universe in the mind silently. (ナンチャッテ!)
Not easy to see from the outside.
OK ?
Enka expresses such a Japanese character.
She sings the passion that extends internally. (タブンネ)

Let's enjoy KARAOKE !! (*・∀・*)/^ガンバッテ!!

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Report of Valentine Day Resolute

Hi people

So today is as I told you, Saint Valentine day and it is time to report the resolute! How many did I get chocolate!?
I got 2 "Giri Choco", and 1 "Honmai Coco." Is it good????
Well, better than nothing, I think.

Ok there are 2 kind of chocolate; one is “Giri Choco”
and the other one is “Honmei Choco”.
“Choco” means Chocolate, you can guesse right?
Now “Giri” means “obligation”.
You don't love him, but he always takes care of you or helps you often.
Then you give “Giri Choko” as if showing your appreciation to his help.
It is quite important.

“Honmei” means “the favorite” or “prospective”.
So as I told you before, you suppose to give “Honmei choco”
to whom you love and that chocolate should more expensive than “Giri choco”.

But there is one another kind of chocoreate, which my female co-worker told me
and i never known until then, “Gyaku Choko”.
“Gyaku” means, “reverse”.
So this case, how exactly works for reverse??
Wait !? You means Men give the chocolate to Women!!????
WOW!!! What a woman!!!!!

next year maybe i have to send chocolate to my female friends....
poor guys....


鉄道マニア時計(Watch for Railway Geek, Trainspotter)

Hi minna !! Genki ? (^―^)
Please look at this watch.



Then,do you know Yamanote line that is one of the railways in Tokyo?
And station signboard too ?

yamanote line
It always crowds,you know.


OK,Have you already understood ?

The watch merely looks like the station signboard !!!

Only looks like !!!

It's just a watch... Oh... Σ( ̄ ̄ ̄Д ̄ ̄ ̄lll) ガビーン

This is the movie that compared the watch with the real thing.

If you are true Train-Fan, it is already sure to have this watch.

The Japanese Railway Geek is so happy......(*´Д`)=3

jaa matane !

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Kenkoku kinenn bi (建国記念日)

Hi people

Today is holiday, because it is Kenkokukinenn bi which means National Day.
For America it is independent day, I think.
The independent day is the day of that U.S. independent from UK.
Ok then what really means of National Day for Japan?

the day is when Jimmu emperor was enthroned the emperor.
Ok when was he enthroned empire and who really he is?
He enthroned, 660 BC February 11 th, WOW!!! Long time ago!!
And who he is?
He is the first person of Japanese emperor!!! WOW again!!!
But now a day, most of Scholar said he didn’t exist, it is almost Myth.
But Japanese empire has long history...
by the way, he dead when he was 127 yeas old.
I see.... good for him....

the picture is Jimmu emperor.
he looks not bad hun?
do you think he got a lots of chocolate from girls ??? :P

Jimmu emperor is one standing, not one who is bending knee on the left. :P


最激安!? 韓国プサンツアー! (Too Cheap!!!??? Pusan in Korea Tour!!)


(By Luxury liner cruising, in 4days 5night, Pusan Cheap Shopping Tour!)


(how much is it???)

26000円!!!(26000 yen!)

(cheaper than around ticket for from Tokyo to Osaka by Shinkansenn!! (bullet train))

(so what is the reason...)


theme : 日記
genre : 日記



Hi. Do you know UNIQLOCK ?

Could you search for the left side of this brog?
find the woman?

They are expressing time.
It has not only as the clock,advertisement,dance but also culture.
It presented the field of mixed-media's possibility.....probably.

I hope you to experience.
And, please let me hear the impression.


theme : 日記
genre : 日記


Prepare for Saint Valentine day

hi people.

Today I went to an art museum. To get there, I use train.
And at the station, people sell chocolates. Chocolates?
Oh, ok right. February 14 th is Saint Valentine day.
And that day is one of the big days for woman.

In Japan, women give the chocolate to him whom she likes on February 14 th.
So it is big chance for woman to confess to him that she loves him.
That is why women need time to prepare to select nice chocolates.
But why is it only for women?
Actually one Snack Company made campaign to give chocolate to men.
And now day it become sort of custom to give chocolate
from women to men in Japan.

Some of men don't appreciate this day.
Because if you got chocolate you have to return it (that day is called White day in Japan), and some of women expect not only just some snack back but also some of expensive staff (like bags. or something...) what a woman.... poor guys...

anyway, so if you love Gakct, you should send chocolate now!
It won’t be by the 14 th!!
I think Gakct will get a thousand of chocolate from his fun..


Ga Ga Ga Gackt!!!!!!!!!!

Hi people.
I think I have to talk about this guy….
Yes his name is Gackt.

Most of people listen his music and actually his music is not outstanding.
But his character is still useful in entertainment industry.
Take a look this commercial.
This commercial is for Tutaya, rental movie store.
Basically what they say is that you can order movies which you want see.
And the movie comes your house by mail. And you return the movie by mail.

Ok now why Gakct was used for this commercial?
The purpose of using Gakuto is this: it is just funny that Gakct, whose image is very celebrity, is using this company Tutaya.
Because he is celebrity, he doesn't have to rent the movie, he would buy. So that gap is funny point.
In this commercial, Gackt, whose image is almost perfect for anything, actually forgot to return to his movie, as mistake.
That human like as gap also funny point too.

So message is basically “even Gackt who is perfect and celebrity uses this system, so people, let’s use this system!!” that is the message.
Gackt is more outstanding as his character
and he is quite funny guy rather than his music.

Ok I notice that it is difficult to explain.
But hope you understand behind of story of this Gakct’s commercial.
Ohhh it is too long…. Sorry…..


Perfume - ポリリズム(polyrhythm)

Hi people!

Ohhh I was sick!!
I still don't know the reason… was it influenza or food poisoning or just cold…

Ok this group is one of the most being famous group in 2008.
Actually as musician, they are nothing, but this producer,
Yashushi Nakada, is quite smart, I think.
Defiantly he reflected what is going on Japan to his music.
Their voices are very artificial and make the voice have no identity.
I think its purpose is that his target was Otaku people who love anime, dolls, games, and people who only can feel alive in Internet.
So that is why their voices are very artificial
By the way, you can feel something similar to the SAKANAKUSYO, cant you?
I am not Otaku but I like this song a lot!!! Enjoy!!

p.s. the word "Otaku" is not bad meaning but in a same time
not good meaning either.


黒い絵(black picture)

Hi, everybody.
Today's topics is a little bit serious.

(It is TVCM that is broadcast several years ago and became a topic. )
その後の議論は賛否両論(At that time, the discussion was pros and cons.)だったけど、
(but now, I know the truth that the child has their worlds. and you?)

The teacher said to the student.
"Please write what you thought of."
What the child had thought about...

The last message is
"Please do not deprive imagination from children"

(It is a whale. you know.)

じゃまたね。Thank you!

[ by Daisuke ]

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flumpool 花になれ (Hana ni nare) PV

Hi people.

This is one my favorite song!
Nice violin!! Isn't it !?
Better than Gakuto!!! :P
The singer is Follooop and the song name is 花になれ(hana ni nare)
If you like it, ask me, I have mp3 :D
Do you want to sing this song?
If you want maybe I can find its relic for you.
and when you come to japan, i will take you Karaoke and you sing this song!!
I hope you like it :D